Jubler Subtitle Εditor

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Source code from GitHub

Latest binary distribution is 7.0.3 from GitHub

  • macOS

    • Note: In some cases subtitles under MPlayer do not display. If this is the case, please download and install the latest XQuartz distribution
    • For Mac OS X 10.6 please see this information!
  • Windows 64 bit

  • Windows 32 bit

  • Linux 64 bit

    To launch it you need to make it executable first, either:

    • From the GUI Shell, right click on Properties, and on Permissions tab enable “Allow executing file as program”

    • From terminal, go where the downloaded file is, and type:
      chmod a+x ./Jubler-*.appimage ; ./Jubler-*.appimage

  • Generic Java, if your system is not listed above; embedded preview is not supported.

Additional requirements

Part of this project is done thanks to CrossMobile, the only truly native mobile cross-platform framework.